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Sims 2 Hacks


This page is no longer being updated.  Go to http://faiuwle.wikidot.com/sims2hacks for future updates.


A collection of small mods to make The Sims 2 more livable and less aggravating, and sometimes more realistic.  All hacks work with Apartment Life.  They may work without Apartment Life as well, but I haven't tried them.  I use all of these hacks myself.


Family-related Hacks

  • ExtendedFamily:  Causes sims to recognize their first cousins once removed, second cousins, great-grandparents, great-grandchildren, great-uncles/aunts, and grand-nieces/nephews as family and removes romantic social interactions for those sims.  They don't show up as family in the relationship panel, and still show chemistry, and "talk with relative," "relative gets married," etc. wants are not fulfilled with those sims, but other than that everything works.  A second version of this is ExtendedFamilyPartial, which causes only great-grandparents, great-grandchildren, grand-nieces/nephews and great-aunts/uncles to be considered family.  Install only one version.  Installing this hack causes a reset.  This hack contains new global BHAVs, and thus may conflict badly with other hacks that contain new global BHAVs.  If in doubt, run HCDU.  Incompatible with InTeen.
  • InlawsFixMaxis:  Fixes in-law relationships so that they are reciprocal, as they should have been.  Sims will treat their spouse's entire extended family as family (and vice versa) including aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.  However, if you use hacks to enable polygamy, the family of multiple spouses will not be treated as in-laws.  In that case, you should use InlawsFixNew, which also limits in-law relationships to just parents, children, and siblings.  In-laws who were in love with each other before becoming in-laws will continue to be able to interact romantically, as normal.  Install only one version.


Witch-related Hacks

  • AntiGoodWitchIdleAnims:  Good witches no longer pose moronically or wave their wands around when idle.  Evil witches' diabolical cackling is unaffected.

  • NoAlignmentReqAndChangeOnNeutralCast:  TripleM made a series of hacks modifying witch spell constants to prevent alignment change from casting neutral spells, and too allow all spells regardless of alignment and prevent alignment change from casting any spells.  Some people wanted a version where alignment is not required to cast any spells, but alignment still changes when casting non-neutral spells.  This is that hack.  Do not use with any of TripleM's variations.
  • TabulaRasaHack:  The Tabula Rasa spell now also erases all relationships with other sims as well as erasing memories, causing it to have an actual effect on gameplay.  Other sims are not affected, except to delete any marriage/engagement/going steady flags that would result in inconsistent states.  For some reason, not all sims are removed from the relationship panel, and relationship flags with pets are not deleted, but the relationships are correctly reduced to 0/0, so it shouldn't make much difference.  Family ties are not affected - it will simply be as if the sim had never met any of their relatives (or anyone else).


Fixes for Annoyances and Logic Fail

  • BookshelfHack:  If a sim is attempting to interact with a bookshelf, and there are discarded books in the vicinity of either the sim or the bookshelf, it will choose one of the available books rather than getting another one off of the bookshelf.  If your last EP was Seasons or (probably) BV, get BookshelfHackSeasons instead.
  • JustGoHome:  Visitors that run out of energy on home lots no longer spawn an annoying modal dialog berating you for inviting them to stay over and not letting them sleep (which appears even when you did not, in fact, invite them to stay over) and lose relationship points with your sim.  Instead, they will just leave, with a simple non-intrusive Bye/See you later message that can easily be ignored.
  • LTWNumbersTweaks:  This reduces the number of things sims have to do to achieve certain LTWs.  Specifically:  50 1st Dates/50 Dream Dates have been reduced to 30; 20 Pet BFs/Raise 20 Puppies/Kittens have been reduced to 10; Get 6 Grandchildren/Marry off 6 Children have been reduced to 4; Eat 200 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches has been reduced to 100.  Sims who have already rolled these LTWs will be unaffected; cycle their LTW with the Lot Debugger until the correct one comes up.  This hack conflicts with uni_ltws_sns.  If you use uni_ltw_sns, get LTWNumbersTweaks+UniLTWs instead, and make sure that uni_ltws_sns loads first.
  • NoApartmentCarWantSpam:  Sims who live in apartment complexes that have driveways in the common area (but not as a part of the actual apartment) will no longer constantly roll the want to buy to buy a car.
  • NoAutoSmustle:  A hack that prevents autonomous smustling from occurring, ever, regardless of Fun level or anything else.
  • NoCommunityJumpRope:  Jumping rope is no longer allowed on community lots, as it is a stupid, anti-social activity whose only benefit is to fulfill wants and gain body skill before yoga is available.  No longer will there be 10 business customers at a time choosing to jump rope instead of buying your overpriced doodads.
  • NoMotiveRefreshOnArrive:  Sims will no longer have all their motives refreshed just because they drove to a community lot.
  • NoStealFromFriends:  Sims who steal newspapers just because they are mean will no longer steal newspapers or lawn ornaments if everyone most people in the house are either friends or a family members on good terms.  If you have my ExtendedFamily hack installed, this will include whatever extended family is recognized by that hack.  Furious sims will continue to steal newspapers as normal.
  • ServosDontSleep:  Servos do not sleep at night - they recharge themselves for about 2-3 hours every 2-3 days during the daytime.  Why then do they yell at you for waking them up when your insomniacal sims call them at 3 AM?  Because EAxis fails at logic, that's why.  Now servos can be called at all hours of the day or night.  However, they will still go home if you invite them over between 2 AM and 7 AM - I could not figure out how to change that without creating conflicts with TwoJeffs' Visitor Controller.  If you don't have AL, get ServosDontSleepPreAL instead.
  • ShowerFixes:  Allows servos to clean and repair showers, and changes communal showers to really be communal, even when being used by children and teens.  Probably conflicts with hacks that affect privacy.  For just the servo changes, get ServosCleanRepairShower instead.
  • VisitorsCanShower:  Visiting sims now feel free to use your sims' showers and baths.  Useful for home businesses, where stinky sims generally do not go home as a result of being stinky, leading to constant exclamations of "Ew, you stink!" from other patrons.  Also useful if a tree gets hit by lightening during a party and everyone suddenly has to go tank their hygiene by running outside to gawk at it.



  • AlienPregnancyForFemales:  Yes, I know that Smonoff did this one already.  However, Smonoff's hack lacks one feature - alien abduction via dance sphere.  With this hack, female sims will become pregnant with alien babies after getting abducted using the dance sphere as well as the telescope.  Don't use this in addition to Smonoff's hack; take that hack out and use this one instead.  Apparently the original hack had some kind of InTeen support; this does not.
  • LotFullofPets:  Ancienthighway, who made the AL-compatible lotfullofsims hack, missed something; while it is possible to command pets to breed in an overfull household, the BHAV that determines how many pets will be born still returns 0 if there are too many pets/sims + pets already.  With this hack, that BHAV will simply return a number from 1 to 4 (weights unchanged from original), regardless of how many sims/pets there are on the lot.  It is not a replacement for ancienthighway's hack; use it in addition to that hack.  I do not know if this is needed if you use a pre-AL version of lotfullofsims.
  • RocksFallEveryoneDies:   If you really hate your sims and want to see them die horrible deaths, you can now rain (or, as EA spells it, "reign") firey apocalypse down on them via the weather control device.  This isn't the same as what happens when the weather control device backfires; the lot will actually be reduced to a smoldering ruin.  Intended for lulz, not serious gameplay, but you could probably work it into a story if you really wanted to.
  • SellableNovels:  Novels written in Freetime and Apartment Life can now be sold in OFB businesses and placed on OFB shelves.  Novels cost a little more than books sold from shelves, and restock just like buy mode items (money disappears from the family funds, new novel magically appears on the shelf).  Although the novels appear as "Book Title" when out of stock, and restock standing upright on their bindings, they appear to be exact clones and work as expected.

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