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Conworldery and Conlangery


Conlanging is the art of creating artificial languages, and conworldery is the art of creating detailed fantasy worlds.  My creations are not the best examples of either, but here they are, nonetheless.



The name of this world is from the Ádeyan word for the mortal (non-spiritual) world.  It's evolved more organically from the bottom up, so the big questions are little uncertain yet.  This world is Earth-like low fantasy; no magic, no strange races, just Homo Sapiens and their gods.


The concultures:

Ádeya  A culture that began as a desert sect of a wide-ranging nomadic people.  They settled down, had an agricultural revolution of sorts, and eventually overcame their neighbors to the north, the Syûzin, acquiring their territories, their people, and quite a bit of their distinctive culture.

Syûzin  A mountain-dwelling people who moved to lower slopes and gentler climes to better weather the winters, where they were absorbed into Ádeyan culture, bringing the stories of their harsh treatment at the hands of Mother Nature with them.

Wohaieh  The sister-culture to Ádeya, which found hunting and gathering more sustainable in the grasslands, and retained many of the pre-Syûzin Ádeyan traditions.




The rebirth of an old, old conworld, the first I ever made.  It has so far gone through multple transplants of concultures, conreligions, and conlanguages.  This is somewhat heavier on the fantasy elements; not-quite-Homo-Sapiens, and a touch of magic.


The conculture(s):  (more to come, eventually)

Cheanya  A people blessed by the gods.

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